Holiday Deals: The Perfect Gifts for the Season

Delight your loved ones with gifts that have a little something extra: a blend of relaxation and rejuvenation, elegantly wrapped in holiday cheer.

Comfort Meets Wearable Skincare

Transform daily wear into a skin care routine with the unbelievably comfortable OYUR bralettes and bottoms that reduce fine lines and wrinkles simply by wearing it.

Special Launch Discount - 25% off

Ever-Fresh Bath Luxury

Embrace comfort and hygiene with our germ-killing, never-musty bath towels. Enjoy a fresh, spa-like experience at home with our ultra-plush towels.

Up to 50% off

Acne-Fighting Face Towels

Surprise your skincare enthusiast friends with face towels that battle acne-causing bacteria. A thoughtful gift for a clear and glowing complexion.

$12 - 2 pack

Gentle Exfoliators

Turn any cleanser into a spa-grade exfoliant with our gentle reusable exfoliators. Ideal for those who love a deep, revitalizing cleanse. And at $5, they’re the perfect stocking stuffer.

$6 each

Beauty Sleep Redefined

Gift the luxury of rejuvenating sleep with a collagen-enhancing pillowcase. An ideal present for those who dream of waking up to radiant skin.

Up to 34% off

Sun-Safe Headwear

Protect your loved ones from the sun with our UV protective hats. Stylish and functional, they are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

$20 each

Breathable Protection

Lab-tested reusable face masks blend safety with comfort, making them a thoughtful gift for anyone traveling for the holidays.

Up to 60% off

The Perfect Shower Companion

The hydro glove, a loofah reimagined, is embedded with antimicrobial agents, ensuring a clean, refreshing shower experience every time.

50% off