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How OURA became a reality.

“At 10, I was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent my childhood undergoing treatment. Cancer is terrible and quickly stole my freedom and joy as it changed my identity from a child to a patient. It was only from the endless love of my family, friends, doctors, and even strangers, that I became more hopeful in the face of cancer.

Crucial in creating this hope was my experience with Make-a-Wish. In 2011, they granted my wish to meet President Obama in the White House and I spent several days spellbound in DC. The city was beautiful but it was the people I met who really captivated me. Absolute strangers chose to uplift a child and make my entire trip truly special. They encouraged me with hope and pushed me towards recovery.

Now, we want to help other patients find hope and empower their recovery experience. My brother, Shaun, and I started by re-imagining the hat for patients. Then, we decided that for every 1000 hats we sell, we grant a wish through Make-a-Wish to uplift another patient, just like I was. This is OURA.”

-Keane OURA Co-Founder