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Gear that Gives Back

Let’s just say it - Cancer sucks, especially as a child. You’re no longer just a kid, you’re a cancer patient. Suddenly your days are filled with hospital visits, worried parents, uncertainty, and boredom.

At OURA, we know how it goes — in fact, we’ve lived it.

That’s why we’re passionate about giving back to the childhood cancer charities that helped us when we needed it most.

Co-founder Keane undergoing cancer treatment.


When Make-A-Wish granted our co-founders wish as a child, he came home with a new determination to beat cancer. And he wasn’t the only one. Many Wish recipients feel more empowered upon returning home. Even health professionals treating these young patients observed better outcomes and more optimistic mindsets following the experience. For these patients, receiving a wish is like getting a dose of 100% concentrated hope.

We wanted to recreate this feeling for other pediatric patients.

OURA is proud to support Make-A-Wish and make a difference in the lives of children with cancer. We fund wishes through Make-A-Wish.

Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times

For many childhood cancer patients, the diagnosis changes them from a kid to a patient. The story was the same for our co-founder Keane.

Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times was one of the few opportunities that he had to cherish the simple pleasures of being a kid. This summer camp helps children with cancer find hope, healing, and a sense of normalcy within a medically supervised camp facility. The power of the program is its ability to create a safe and nurturing environment for children to freely experience outdoor activities like campfires and horseback riding without the worry of their medical conditions. Like our co-founder, many campers left with lasting friends and memories.

OURA is a proud supporter of Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times and its mission to provide comfort, care, and support to children fighting cancer. We fund this program through the Ronald McDonald House Charities.