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Resilient Hope introduction

The Product

We remade the iconic cap to keep you comfortable, protected, and fresh with every wear.

Made with nanominerals infused in the fabric, OURA comes with 10 advanced features. Anti-Bacterial, UVProtective, Self-Cleaning, Water Repellent, Moisture Wicking & more. OURA combines style and technology so you’ll feel invincible.

The Hope

Hope heals. For a cancer patient, it empowers resilience and survival. And together, hope can be amplified.

Just as 1000 origami cranes result in a wish, it takes 1000 OURAgami headwear to grant a child's wish. By supporting OURA, you're a part of that wish, giving hope to a patient. Together, we're fighting cancer. 1000 strong.


With your help, we can make wishes like this come true.


One Thousand. And Done.

Every OURA is a limited edition 1 of 1000. Just as it takes 1000 origami cranes for a wish, it takes 1000 OURAgami cranes to grant a wish. We are 1000 people strong; supporting 1 who really needs it.

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Features protective

1000 origami cranes grant a pediatric cancer patient's wish


OURA kills… bacteria. With Titania particles infused in the fabric, you never have to worry about any questionable odors from your hat. Just leave it out in the sun to activate the titanium which kills any hitchhiking microbes you may have picked up along the way.

1000 origami cranes grant a pediatric cancer patient's wish

UV Protective

The best defense against the sun is covering up, but not all fabrics protect equally. To ensure you have complete protection, we have zinc nanoparticles in all our hats. This zinc, commonly found in sunscreens, absorbs UV radiation to keep you safe from the rays.

1000 origami cranes grant a pediatric cancer patient's wish


So many things we wear are manufactured with harsh chemicals and dyes that can trigger skin irritation and allergic reactions. We didn’t want to expose you to that, so all OURA headwear is made with hypoallergenic fabric.

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