It Starts with a Single Thread.

Imagine a hat that keeps you warm and cool at the same time, protects you from the sun, keeps you dry, and eliminates odors and bacteria. That’s the first thing we engineered when we started OURA.

Most antibacterial products apply a coating to the outside of each thread. This means that after a couple uses or washes, the coating starts to fade and the fabric loses those special features.

The issue with impermanent coatings

The Problem

Many germ-killing products feature a temporary antimicrobial coating, something which lessens their efficacy with use. Due to a coating’s impermanent nature, the product's antimicrobial material will slough off with each wash. And when fabrics are not even infused but are coated with metal, there is the fact that eventually, that metal will rub or wash off of the material. Those particles will slough off with every wash into the water, eventually reaching our oceans.

Permanently antimicrobial

The Solution

Here at OURA, we use an EPA-approved infusion process that guarantees permanent attachment at the molecular level, meaning the antimicrobial compounds in our products will never come off. Even after 100 washes, the minerals were still attached and there was no loss of antimicrobial efficacy—after literally being put through the wringer, our products still killed 99% of bacteria.

At OURA, we do things differently.

Advanced technical fabrics

Our products are made with the world’s most advanced technical fabrics. This means that antimicrobial compounds are embedded inside every single fiber so these features last even after being used or washed hundreds of times.


We rigorously test our fabrics with a third party laboratory to evaluate their efficacy before anything goes out the door so you know you’re getting the real deal.

The Secret Ingredients

We use natural antimicrobials to supercharge our fabric with germ-killing protection which has been proven using internationally recognized test standards (AATCC100:2004).


Copper’s efficiency as an antimicrobial agent has been confirmed by various scientific studies, and it has been used since ancient times to clean and disinfect.


Silver oxide embedded into our products on a microscopic level provides even more germ-killing efficiency while nullifying chances of direct exposure to the metal itself.


Chemically stable and non-toxic, titanium dioxide has both antifungal and antibacterial properties and combines with our other antimicrobial metals to keep our products clean.

Just a Few of the Features You'll Find In Our Gear

Lab Tested


Destroys odor-causing molecules and bacteria

Lab Tested: Removes up to 99% of odors

Lab tested

Water Repellent

Repels sprays/aerosol to prevent pathogen penetration

Lab Tested: Repels up to 21 mbar



Manufactured with high-quality materials and no harsh chemicals.

Manufacturing Process: No PFCs used