OURA vs Oura Ring : One of these things is not like the other

OURA vs Oura Ring : One of these things is not like the other

It's no secret that we're in a legal dispute with a very large sleep tracking ring company over the use of our name.  What we're going through is not a rare occurrence as many small businesses before us have been forced to travel down this road as well.  We aren't the first and we sadly will not be the last.  To be fair, there are two sides to every story so we are grateful for CBS News shining a light on this battle by reaching out to both us and Oura Ring before airing the segment. We have nothing to hide and Oura Ring has made a public statement regarding this matter. We'll be breaking that down over the next coming days so stay tuned! Their segment can be found here: Oura vs Oura Ring

Why does our name mean so much to us? There is a Japanese legend that says you will be granted a wish if you fold one thousand origami cranes. The founder of our company had his wish granted through Make-a-Wish while battling leukemia at a young age. That experience inspired him to launch OURA, short for Ouragami, as a social enterprise which uses its profits to grant wishes for other children fighting cancer. So our name holds a deep rooted meaning within our brand and we plan to fight for what is ours. 

We are under the opinion that both companies can co-exists and that there is no confusion between our hats, bedding, and towels, and their sleep tracking hardware device. We also strongly believe there is no overlap between their sleep tracking rings and the antimicrobial scrubs made by our sister company, Ouragins... yes, they're going after them too.  If United Airlines and United Van Lines, or Dove Soap and Dove Chocolates can operate under the same name but in separate categories, we believe we should be able to as well.

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