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OYUR Haven Bralette


OYUR Haven Bralette


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Experience beauty and comfort like never before. The groundbreaking OYUR Skin Haven Bralette isn’t your average bra - it's your invisible aesthetician, tirelessly working to boost collagen and diminish wrinkles right where you need it. With skin as delicate as silk, your natural curves deserve the luxury of ageless beauty.

You’ll also get unrivaled comfort with a bralette that blurs the line between athleisure and loungewear. A racerback cut provides medium support so you can wear it all day long. Whether styled for the spotlight or the couch, the OYUR Skin Haven Bralette is destined to become the most irresistible piece in your closet.

Made in USA. Patent Pending.

  • Anti-aging: Copper-infused garments have been scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Collagen Booster: Copper has been scientifically proven to increase the production of collagen within the skin.
  • Wrinkle–prevention: Helps to slow the formation of wrinkles and boosts skin elasticity
  • Acne-reducing: Copper has been scientifically proven to reduce acne.
  • Ultra-Smooth: Soft, interlock fabric creates less friction with your skin
  • Antimicrobial: Copper-infused fibers self-sterilize to kill 99% of bacteria
  • Hypoallergenic: Made with cotton and no harsh chemicals so it's safe for even the most sensitive skin.
  • Deodorizing: Breaks down odor-causing molecules and bacteria so it never gets musty.
  • Eco-friendly: EPA approved manufacturing process ensures the copper particles won't leach into the water.
  • Infused to Last: No loss of antimicrobial efficacy even after 100 washes.

The OYUR Skin Haven Bralette is powered by ThreadFusion, a proprietary technology that turns cotton into a skin-enhancing, germ-killing machine. Using ultrasonic waves, microscopic copper oxide is permanently embedded into the cotton fibers so it never washes off.

OYUR Skin has undergone independent testing by third-party laboratories to ensure it’s effects Lab tests reveal that > 99% of germs are killed even after 100 industrial washes (AATCC-100).

Domestic orders with valid addresses placed before 10:30 am PST (M-F) will be shipped out same-day.

We ship globally with free shipping to the U.S. and Canada on orders over $50.

Try it for 30 days risk free! If you don't love it, send it back. We offer full refunds for returned products.

Size Guide


Stand straight and relaxed, with arms at your side. Ensure you are not wearing a padded bra, as this can affect the measurement. Bring the measuring tape around your back, underneath your armpits, and across your chest. Ensure that the measuring tape is straight and parallel to the floor. Measure at the fullest part of your chest. It should be snug but not tight—no compressing!


Stand straight and relaxed, with arms at your side. Ensure you are not wearing a padded bra, as this can affect the measurement. Measure around your ribcage, directly under your bust.

Unapologetically Ageless at All Hours of the Day

Let our bralette be your new best friend—a confidante that also moonlights as your personal skincare guru. Infused with anti-aging copper particles, it actively promotes collagen production, turning back the clock one comfortable hug at a time.

Goodbye, Granny Bras. Hello, Future!

Get lifted, not restricted. Our bralette defies both age and discomfort. With no foam, no wires, and no chafing, it's pure, undiluted comfort. So light, you might check twice to make sure you didn't forget it.

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