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Why the sale? Well, we’ve got a multi-billion dollar foreign tech company threatening us, just because we happen to share the same name. They’re using deep pockets and corporate lawyers to “un-ring” everything we’ve built. But we own our trademark, so we’re not backing down. Every purchase you make during this sale helps us fight this behemoth and continue granting wishes.

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Every order you make helps to grant a wish for a child in need.Learn more

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It starts with a single thread

Inside every fiber are thousands of antimicrobial compounds that give our fabrics long-lasting, self cleaning features. These compounds are permanently embedded into every thread so they last, even after being washed over and over again.
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At 10, our co-founder, Keane, was diagnosed with leukemia and spent his childhood undergoing cancer treatment.

Make-a-Wish played a pivotal role in his recovery journey. In 2011, they granted his wish to meet President Obama in the White House. That experience and the people he met encouraged him to be more hopeful in recovery.

Now, we are empowering other childhood patients to find that same hope in their journey with cancer.

Our Story

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Every purchase helps grant a wish.

We grant the the wishes of children fighting cancer with Make-a-Wish and send kids to camp through Camp Ronald McDonald
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