Your Headwear

OURA headwear isn’t just a fashion statement but rather a lifestyle. One imbued in health and the human (recovery) experience. We've used the most advanced fabrics to keep your health, comfort, and style at the forefront. To do this, we highlighted the following properties when designing OURA headwear: 


How many different environments have you explored with a cap on? In each one, you’ve picked up a few hitchhiking microbes along the way. This would be totally fine…. if you washed them.

So, when was the last time you washed a cap? If you’re like us, probably never.

This makes any cap the perfect incubator for bacteria to flourish, creating odors and increasing the likelihood of infection.

So how do we get around this?

OURA headwear are created with nanoparticles of titanium-dioxide embedded into the fabric. When exposed to light, these particles create free-radicals which actively disrupt key microbial enzymes and proteins resulting in cell death. Even better, these free-radicals break down smelly dirt and grime in the cap.This makes OURA headwear self-cleaning and resistant to bacterial growth, meaning no more funk, gunk, or odors.

UV Protection

We all know the sun emits damaging UV rays that can increase the risk of premature skin aging, skin cancer, and suppressed immune responses. The most basic defense against this radiation is to cover up, but not all fabrics provide the same levels of protection.

OURA headwear materials are naturally UV resistant and without any UV-screening chemical additives. It is natural, environmental-friendly and safe, having been tested to confirm its Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+. Meaning that OURA headwear blocks <98% of the sun’s harmful rays so you can get out there and enjoy the air.


Our bodies emit heat in the form of Infrared (IR) waves. These waves will usually be trapped by a hat as the heat gets absorbed into the fabric and starts to make you sweat.

Rather than being a barrier to trap in heat, OURA headwear fabrics are synthesized with IR emitting ceramics fibers which naturally emit IR energy to enhance microcirculation. The fibers improve body circulation and metabolism to keep your head warm.

At the same time, our caps are ultra-breathable, allowing any excess heat to escape and keeping your body temperature regulated so you never overheat.


So many fabrics we wear are manufactured with harsh chemicals and dyes. But each treatment on a garment leaves behind trace amounts of these chemical substances which can trigger skin irritation and allergic reactions.

We think you’re getting enough chemicals, so all OURA headwear is made with hypoallergenic fabrics of natural materials and minerals. This way you can be confident that our headwear won’t give you a rash, even if you’re allergic to cranes.