We recognize that our global impact matters. Caring for yourself also means caring for the environment. 

That’s why we take steps to minimize our energy use, reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate plastic, and decrease waste at every level. However, we know that there are always ways to improve, so we are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact. 

Design Process 

In our design process, we consider the size of our footprint. That’s why we use an EPA approved technology to make our pieces. 

We work with closed-loop manufacturing facilities where the water and chemistry are completely recycled. This process helps to eliminate waste, reduce the amount of water used, and prevents harmful chemicals from contaminating wastewater.   

Additionally, we take extra care to eliminate the use of plastic in all our products.  


Like all brands, waste is a persistent problem. We are taking steps to help eliminate, reduce, or recycle our waste wherever we can. For us, that means all our packaging is designed to be biodegradable. We’ve eliminated the use of plastic in all our packaging.