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The Better Towel for Your Skin

A Cleaner Way to Dry Off

Towels are the most forgotten part of any skincare routine. After just 2-3 uses, a normal towel is full of germs which means you are drying off with bacteria and mold that can damage or irritate your skin. Alta aims to change that. Made with 100% cotton infused with antimicrobial copper, it kills 99% of germs while remaining ultra-plush, super absorbent, and incredibly soft. The Alta Towel is doctor-recommended as a healthier and safer towel to use.

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It starts with a single thread

Inside every fiber are thousands of antimicrobial compounds that give our fabrics long-lasting, self cleaning features. These compounds are permanently embedded into every thread so they last, even after being washed over and over again.
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At 10, our co-founder, Keane, was diagnosed with leukemia and spent his childhood undergoing cancer treatment.

Make-a-Wish played a pivotal role in his recovery journey. In 2011, they granted his wish to meet President Obama in the White House. That experience and the people he met encouraged him to be more hopeful in recovery.

Now, we are empowering other childhood patients to find that same hope in their journey with cancer.

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