Empowering the Human (Recovery) Experience

Paper Cranes

Every OURA headwear purchased flies alongside a paper crane folded by a pediatric cancer patient.

It is so easy to feel helpless during cancer treatment. Yet we’ve witnessed just how motivating it can be for a patient to feel in control over some aspect of their outcome. With this in mind, we challenged Pediatric Oncology patients to fold 1000 cranes in the hope that their wish comes true. They then entrust us with a 100 cranes in exchange for an OURA headwear of their very own.

The paper crane that finds a home with you is a continuum of a wish. It’s 1/1000th of a child's  hope for a better future. We thank you for being a part of this recovery process as we empower a wish with every thousand cranes.


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You can find out more about the 1K Challenge here.