At OURA, we are passionate about making a difference. From our products to our philanthropy to our programs - the goal is to instill hope through the collective power of 1000.

Healing with wishes

When Make-A-Wish granted our co-founders wish as a child, he came home with a new determination to beat cancer. Many wish recipients feel empowered to fight cancer upon returning home. Even health professionals treating these young patients observed better outcomes and more optimistic mindsets following the experience. For these patients, receiving a wish is like getting a dose 100% concentrated hope.

We wanted to recreate this feeling for other pediatric patients. So for every 1000 products sold, we sponsor a wish to help them heal with hope.

Our cranes deliver wishes

Japanese legend has it that folding 1000 origami cranes grants a wish. Keeping with this, OURA delivers a crane with every product you purchase. Once all 1000 cranes have found a home, OURA grants a child's wish.

From here, we develop new products and designs to grant another child's wish. Each product represents a part of the larger whole.

1000 people supporting one. One who really needs it.

This isn't origami.

This is OURAgami.

Resilient hope: woven in philanthropy

A fresh take on making a difference, one crane at a time.