Our Story

Creating healthy solutions for the human (recovery) experience in the 21st century. 

At the age of 10, I was diagnosed with Leukemia, spending the majority of my childhood in a hospital. Coping with cancer is hard and those first few months were the most difficult. Isolated from friends and constantly in pain, it became so easy to become discouraged. Life had been replaced by disease.

But realizing I was surrounded by so many people rooting for my recovery, I began to find hope. The boundless love from family, friends, doctors, nurses, and even strangers, made it easier for me to be resilient when facing cancer.

That feeling of resilient hope helped me to become a survivor and is why started OURA. I want to create solutions for patients undergoing treatment. But more than that, I aspire to impart that love and optimism into everything that we make. I wanted to empower the human (recovery) experience. This desire drives everything we do.  

We’ve started by reimagining the cap.


 - Keane Veran