Our Fabric

The Science Behind Our Fabric

Nanotechnology is an industrial technology which can miniaturize a substance to below 100nm units. In its miniature form, it exhibits novel and significantly improved physical, chemical and biological properties. With nanotechnology, the beneficial effect of invaluable minerals can be notably enhanced.

*nm* the unit of nano, 1nm = 1 billionth of 1 meter (m)

The following explains the manufacturing process of our fabrics:

From Raw Materials to Mineral Powder

By grinding and the dispersion of more than 20 kinds of natural mineral elements, the chemical and physical properties of the minerals are altered.

From Mineral Powder to Nanomineral Granules

The mineral powder is then miniaturized and subsequently synthesized with polymers into granular copolymers with an average diameter of 50-60nm.

From Nanomineral Granules to Natural Mineral Fibers

The granules are finally incorporated into fibers. As nanominerals are distributed evenly in the core and also on the surface of the fibers, it is immensely durable and has a number of permanent features.

Natural Nanomineral Multi-functional Fabric

These natural mineral fibers are then woven into multi-functional fabric. The nano fibers enhance our fabric with unique and valuable properties:

  • Anti-Bacterial
  • UV Protection
  • Thermostatic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Deodorizing 

To ensure quality and safety, our functional nanomineral fabrics undergo vigorous testing and certification by SGS, Intertek and other institutes for Quality Assurance.