What is special about OURA headwear?

After experiencing cancer firsthand, we wanted to create a hat that was designed with a patient in mind. So all our headwear is designed to keep your health, comfort, and style as a priority. In every thread there are millions of nanominerals that superpower our hats with advanced features. With these fabrics, OURA headwear is functional fashion.

What do you mean by functional?

This isn't an average cap. OURA headwear actually works for you. With our nanofabric, every piece is antibacterial, thermostatic, hypoallergenic, UV protective, self-cleaning, and more. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too. For more details on these functions see features.

How do the features benefit a patient? 

The anti-bacterial and self-cleaning properties make OURA the ideal solution for any patient with a weakened immune system, such as patients undergoing chemotherapy. While the UV protective and hypoallergenic qualities help to protect sensitive skin against the sun and allergens. All of these issues are things we endured in our personal battle with cancer.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to make the very best hat for a patient. So we took extra care to put more padding around the sweat band and we removed any scratchy labels from the inside of the hat. While small, we think these details make our headwear ultra comfortable, especially on a bald head.

Is OURA only made for cancer patients? 

No, of course not! While designed with the patient in mind, OURA is perfect for anyone who wants headwear that is always clean, puts your health first, and actually helps a child fighting disease. 

Where is OURA headwear made?

We are proudly made in America with all our pieces handcrafted in Los Angeles in accordance with fair trade practices.

Is there a care instruction?

Care instructions are available online, under the product specifications for each piece of headwear.

How do you grant wishes?

We work with Make-A-Wish to grant all our wishes. Having been a wish recipient ourselves, we couldn’t think of a better organization to work with to actually make dreams come true.

What does 1K/OURAgami mean?

This phrase you see on the side of our hats refers to our company philosophy. It represents the core of what we are trying to do. For every 1000 hats, we grant the wish of a child fighting a life-threatening disease. We are a community of 1000 people helping to change one young patient’s life and help them heal with hope. 

Will you ever make more than 1000 of each design?

For each design, we only make 1000 OURAgami cranes and then grant a child’s wish. Every child’s wish is unique and special. So our designs should be unique and special with every wish.

1 design = 1000 hats = 1000 supporters = 1 wish

Why do you only have one style?

At OURA, we’ve taken the Japanese legend of folding 1000 origami cranes in order to receive a wish to heart. Just as you can only work towards one wish at a time, we only manufacture one design at a time.

We have limited quantities of each styles. To stay up to date on our newest styles and updates, sign up for our mailing list.

Is OURA a non-profit organization?

No. Instead, we chose to partner with non-profits we LOVE to advance our social cause. They are experts at making a positive difference and will ensure your headwear actually makes an impact.

What is the 1K Challenge?

The 1K challenge is to fold 1000 origami cranes. These cranes will have to be folded on 6-inch square origami paper. The challenge of completing one thousand folded paper cranes is a great one, requiring patience and commitment. But after the very last fold, you get a wish of your very own!

When completed, participants can mail in 100 cranes in exchange for one piece of OURA headwear. Only 20 exchanges are allocated with each design and will be based on the order received. For more specific rules please refer here

Who can participate in the 1K Challenge?

Any pediatric oncology patient <19 years old is eligible to participate in the 1K challenge to receive an OURA headwear of their very own. 

What will we do with these folded cranes? 

Every folded origami crane we receive will fly alongside an OURA headwear as they find their way home. Only a thousand OURA headwear are made for each design and every single order is accompanied with a folded crane from a patient’s pursuit of a wish. The folded cranes are from the 1K Challenge

Just can't wait to get your OURA? Is there a way to get one without folding 1000?

We hear you, folding 1000 origami cranes does take a while. If you need one on your head now, then we’ve got you covered! OURA Identity is offered at an exclusive price of $44 for any cancer patient (young or old). Simply enter "IAMRESILIENT" at checkout. 

Do you accept returns?

Yes. If you are unhappy with your purchase, just contact our support team within 45 days  for a full refund.

Do you handle International orders? 

Yes, but for an additional shipping fee. Write to us and we'll find the best way to get your headwear delivered.

Can I order a past design? 

Unfortunately, no. Only a thousand of each design is manufactured and once they’ve all found a head to land on, we create a new design. So make sure you grab any design that catches your eye!

Where else can I buy OURA? 

At this time, OURA headwear is only available on our website. Brick & mortar stores are so last century ;)