The 1K Challenge

We designed OURA headwear with the cancer patient in mind. We know firsthand how daunting chemotherapy can feel and even the smallest distraction can help pass the time.

The 1K Challenge is a program designed for Pediatric Oncology patients.

What is the 1K challenge?

The 1K challenge is to fold 1000 cranes. These cranes will have to be folded on 6-inch square origami paper. The challenge of completing one thousand folded paper cranes is a great one, requiring patience and commitment. But after the very last fold, you get a wish of your very own!

When completed, participants can mail in 100 cranes in exchange for one piece of OURA headwear. Only 20 exchanges are allocated with each OURA headwear design and will be based on the order of receipt.

What will we do with these folded cranes?

Only a thousand OURA headwear are made for each design and every order is accompanied with a folded crane. The folded cranes from the 1K Challenge will be distributed with each order of a headwear. We like to think that they share a kindred spirit folded together by a resilient hope to overcome challenges.

OURAGAMI is an inspiration; a challenge to galvanize a collective will and change how we instill hope to enhance the human (recovery) experience.

Just can't wait to get yours?? 

We offer OURA headwear at an exclusive price of $44 for cancer patients. Simply enter "IAMRESILIENT" at checkout.