About OURA

Our story

At 10, I was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent my childhood undergoing treatment. Cancer is terrible and quickly stole my freedom and joy as it changed my identity from a child to a patient. It was only from the endless love of my family, friends, doctors, and even strangers, that I became more hopeful in the face of cancer.

Crucial in creating this hope was my experience with Make-a-Wish. In 2011, they granted my wish to meet President Obama in the White House and I spent several days spellbound in DC. The city was beautiful but it was the people I met who really captivated me. Absolute strangers chose to uplift a child and make my entire trip truly special. They encouraged me with hope and pushed me towards recovery.

Now, I want to help other patients find hope and empower their recovery experience. We started by re-imagining the cap for patients. And for every 1000 hats we sell, we grant a wish through Make-a-Wish to uplift another patient, just as I was. This is OURA.

-Keane, Co-Founder

Our Fabric

At OURA, we believe products should do more than just look good. We use the most advanced fabrics to keep you comfortable, stylish, and healthy. Our fabric has minerals infused directly into the thread which impart special features into everything we make. These features are designed to improve how we live each and every day. To learn more about our fabrics here.

Our Values

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We utilize unique technologies to make products that work. We design products that bring out the best in you.

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With your help, we are proudly empowering children in their fight against cancer. We strive to create a healthier, more united future by supporting our charity partners.

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Every purchase ties you with 999 other people who are granting a wish. Together, we can make a difference for children who really need it.

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We strive to make the highest quality products. That’s why we happily provide you with all the specs and test results so you know exactly what you are getting.

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Our people

Our Member
Our Member


Part of Ouragami's mission involves public engagement. In our goal of spreading hope, we believe stories of survival should be shared and we would love to start with ours. So if you have an upcoming event for a community, university, company, or organization and are looking for speakers, please write to us with some brief information regarding the engagement. We will get back to you shortly.

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