1K Challenge rules

The 1K Challenge is a program designed for Pediatric Oncology patients. Japanese legend has it that folding 1000 origami cranes results in a wish. The 1K Challenge has patients take on this ancient tradition to receive a wish of their own.

 Who Qualifies?

Pediatric Oncology patients (<19 years old) currently undergoing treatment


  1. Find some paper
    1. You can use any paper you like (we think the more colorful the better). Just make sure its 6x6 inches before starting.


  1. Get to Folding
    1. You’ll need to fold 1000 cranes for a wish and an OURA headwear.
    2. Follow this simple video guide: http://bit.ly/2iBg7qU
    3. Feel free to ask for help from your friends, family, doctors, nurses, or anyone you deem worthy!


  1. Capture the moment
    1. Once you’re done make sure you take a picture with all your cranes because you’ve just earned a wish.
    2. Send us your picture along with your name, age, hospital you’re being treated at, and your doctor (Pediatric Oncologist), and phone number.
    3. If you are under 18, be sure to include your parent’s name and phone number as well.


  1. Gather your cranes
    1. Choose 100 cranes to send off. These lucky cranes will fly alongside every hat we send. Think of them as your little ambassadors that will be connecting you to 100 other people who are supporting you. So please pick only the best cranes to send in.


  1. Mail them in
    1. Make sure your cranes are folded flat before flying (They’re more aerodynamic that way).
    2. Write to wish@ouragami.org for your free shipping label and mailing instructions.


  1. Once your cranes are received, we'll send your OURA headwear to your clinic to be picked up!

                                                                                                 Paper crane