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A Letter From Our CEO

OURA was born from my experience with childhood cancer. After becoming a survivor in 2017, I wanted to help others stay healthy with cleaner, safer products. All with the aim of granting wishes for children fighting cancer with Make-A-Wish.

In just a short few years, we’re thrilled to have granted so many - like a wish to go to France or a wish for a gaming computer. These feats were only possible with your support and so I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!!

Having built our brand over the last 5 years, we never imagined that we’d be caught in an insanely expensive trademark dispute with a multi-billion dollar foreign tech company that thinks they own our name.

We’re doing everything we can to fight for our brand, our workers, our charitable partners, and the children we support, but fighting a multi-billion dollar corporation is not something that we can do alone.

So we could really use your help in two big ways:

1) Shop With Us

This fight will cost over $200,000 so we’re running a massive sale. That means it's the perfect time to get everything you want at a deep discount while supporting our fight!

2) Share This Story

Help us get the word out - share this video and tell your friends! We're fighting to change the tactics used by these giants against small businesses like ours. Every view, purchase, comment, and share helps us defend against those trying to take our name.


Keane Veran

OURA CEO & Co-founder

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In the News

Thank you so much for all your support and spreading our message! Here's some of the press coverage that we have been receiving about our legal battle.

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