The Cancer Patient’s Arsenal: Medical ID Tag

Growing up, I loved the military. Everything from camo to tanks, I had an obsession over anything army related.

So when I first got my medical ID tag and saw it looked just like a dog tag, I was absolutely thrilled to finally be sporting my own real-life “military swag”.

But I didn’t fully realize how this little rectangular piece of metal could save my life.

With my medical information linked, a medical ID tag provided a way to communicate to paramedics and new doctors that I was undergoing treatment in the event of an emergency. It would be especially critical if I were to be unconscious.

With so many chemicals flowing through my body during treatment, any adverse reaction could have been  devastating. My tag allowed my medical information to be readily available for emergency response to prevent anything of the sort.

With so many things to worry about, this tag quickly became an essential for me. I never left home without it. That little piece of metal became a daily essential which provided some semblance of security.

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