Anti-Bacterial Headwear: How Our Hats Stay Clean

If you haven’t noticed, hats can get pretty disgusting. They are one of the few things that we take everywhere, but never wash. Just think, when was the last time you’ve washed a hat?

Probably never.  

This leads to some pretty pungent situations. A strenuous workout or even a hot day can lead to the lingering scent of sweat. But it’s not the sweat that leads to that musky smell, but rather the bacteria that feed off it. The warm, moist environment provides the perfect place for bacteria to grow. They’re the root cause behind any odors that come from your clothing. Hats are no different.

But it’s not just bacteria that can leads to smelly hats. Strong odors from our environment can transfer onto the fabric as well. Think of a smokey barbeque, bonfire, or an extended stay at a café. They can all impart odors onto your clothing.

After coming home, most of an outfit can be easily thrown in the laundry, but hats are much harder to clean. Most options are extremely time consuming or will leave your hats warped. So most people don’t.

We thought there had to be a more elegant solution.

The Solution: Self-Cleaning Headwear

So in designing our headwear, we utilized advanced technology to make our hats self-cleaning. Inside every hat, there are thousands of nanominerals infused into each thread. One of these minerals is solely responsible for the anti-bacterial action: Titania. This mineral is found in a variety of household products like paper, ink, beer, nuts, toothpaste and sunscreen.

In our headwear, Titania functions as a photocatalyst. When exposed to the UV rays in sunlight, Titania kills the bacterial cells so they cannot multiply. This same mechanism will also break down and remove any odors lingering on your hat.

Everytime it is under the sun, OURA headwear is being cleaned by the sunlight. Even on a cloudy day, the sun can still clean your hat since most UV rays will pass through the clouds. If you need a deeper clean, you can sunsoak your hat by leaving it in direct sunlight for at least 2 hours. This could be anywhere from a windowsill to a car dashboard. This ensures a complete breakdown of any particles or germs.

If you haven’t owned self-cleaning headwear before or tried cleaning yours with sunshine, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised – and you may never turn back!


OURA was born from our experiences with cancer. Since patients have weakened immune systems, we made sure our headwear is anti-bacterial and self-cleaning to provide protection from germs and infection. To learn more or grab yours, click here.

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