4 Ways to Clean Your Dirty, Grimy & Smelly Hats

So it happened... that beautiful hat of yours is dirty. Maybe you were working in the yard or went to a smokey bonfire or just had a grueling (yet rewarding) workout that left your hat nice and pungent. So how do we get it clean again?


Well there aren’t many options. We scoured the web and posted some below.


1) In with the laundry

Easiest thing to do is throw your hat in with the laundry and cross your fingers. Make sure to use cool water on the gentlest setting and avoid any bleach. But keep in mind, this method can still squish and deform your hat. But don’t even think about putting that hat into the dryer. The high heat and tumbling is sure to destroy the shape.

Ease: 5/5

Effectiveness: 2/5  

2) Toss it in the dishwasher

Rumor has it, you can wash caps on the top rack of the dishwasher for a less abrasive cleaning. But this method turns out to be more of a myth. The dishwasher is more prone to deforming the shape due to the high temperature. Also, many dishwashing detergents have bleach which will stain the fabric and result in a splotchy mess. And who really wants to throw a dirty hat in with the dishes?

Ease: 3/5

Effectiveness: 0/5

3) Good ol’ hand washing

The gentlest way to actually wash your hat is by hand. This means grabbing a toothbrush and gently scrubbing those trouble spots. After this, comes a 4 hour soak in soapy water with additional toothbrush scrubbing every hour or so. And after this, is a rinse with warm water. Then pat dry your dripping wet hat with a towel and leave to air dry. About 8 hours and a defiled toothbrush later, your hat is clean! ~yay~

Ease 0/5

Effectiveness 4/5  

4) Sun-soak

The sun is your best friend where your hat is concerned. At least if you have OURA headwear. The fabric is infused with nanominerals that break down dirt and gunk when exposed to sunlight. To deodorize, simply leave your hat under direct sunlight and let it do it’s magic. The longer your hat is exposed to the sun, the more dirt is broken down. We recommend sun-soaking for at least 2 hours to get rid of most smells. For stains, run under cold water before leaving in the sun to dry. OURA headwear also dries much quicker due to the water resistant and moisture wicking properties of the hat.

Ease 5/5

Effectiveness 4/5

The Verdict:

Of all the methods to clean your hat, self-cleaning OURA headwear was able to keep hats clean with very minimal amounts of effort. The only other safe alternative to clean a hat is hand washing but who really wants to scrub a hat with a toothbrush? We think it’s time to stop worrying about the best way to clean your hat and upgrade to OURA headwear which cleans itself.

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